adidas EQT Support Ultra 20210904

Express is very fast, less than 24 hours on the shoes It’s very soft, but I feel a little strange inside. I doubt the quality of the goods here. But at least I found this store from the identification of goods. I still have a little confidence

Nice. It’s better than I thought. The shoebox was damaged in the transportation. The pictures are a little too bad to see. Fortunately, I don’t care about the shoebox. The laces and the laces beside the laces have been dyed pink, not pure white. However, the seller has told me in advance and sent me a new pair of laces. However, it does not affect the overall beauty of the shoes. Generally speaking, it is very beautiful. Just put on the tip of the foot is a little bit crowded, but I feel that it will be comfortable to wear too much. It is recommended to be cautious if the foot is large.

adidas EQT Support Ultra

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