Nike SB Dunk Low Muslin 20210806

Nike SB Dunk Low Muslin

B support store release company level Nike SB Dunk Low muslin beibai xiaocaicai cat color matching is the best in the original market! The product number bq6817-100 is made of cream leather and suede leather upper, with a black overlay on the swoosh, and the brand name “Nike” is printed on the tongue and heel. The design is perfected with a gold heel patch on the rubber sole. Size: 36-47 with half code mes23550b

First of all, this shoe is very cost-effective and has good wrapping. In this way, you don’t have to worry about sprained feet in the future. Then, it’s also very good in shock absorption and jump aid. What’s more, as my fourth pair of Li Ning basketball shoes, I feel that the soles are too hard and hard. Friendship tips: when you wear these shoes to play, you should never wear boat socks in the early stage. It will wear your feet, so there is nothing obvious The logistics is a little slow, and it’s impolite to call me by express, so the last two items are 4 points. The final suggestion: I like to play ball several times a week and have a lot of outfield. It’s right to buy this shoe.

Nike SB Dunk Low Muslin

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