Nike Tanjun 20210805

The 349 bought in the event was not bad. At first, I was afraid that it would be a little late. The remake was one day slower than the first time, because the delivery warehouse is different, but it’s very comfortable to wear. But if it’s 35 yards, it won’t look big. Ha ha ha ha ha. The big leather boots for military training are too tired and worn, and I only bring a pair of this and converse

It’s very good-looking. When I pass by the counter and see the poster, I think this is very good. I’ve always wanted to get a pair of them. After a long time of tangle, I still took it. It’s a very good little running shoes. It’s a classic and versatile style in the small running shoes. I saw the quality in the comments was very poor. At that time, I was still a little confused about whether to buy it. After receiving the goods, I found that the shoes were still of high quality I feel it and feel it very well. I’ve been wearing shoes for two days. It’s a normal phenomenon. After all, running shoes have the only drawback of high quality and low price! It’s a little expensive. Our party can’t bear to go to work. Fortunately, we know friends who work in the physical store. It seems that they have any staff price there. So they drag my friends to bring me a pair. It’s very, very cheap! You can also go and ask about it. It’s in the house of the poor.

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